Great businesses are at the root of a healthy and growing economy. Great businesses not only create wealth but they also provide the ideal environment in which human beings can thrive, grow and realize their own potential and self worth.

Watering can works believes that great businesses possess key common characteristic: they have a clearly defined purpose, they know what they stand for and they know where they’re going! Furthermore they then ensure every person involved in their business understands and lives by this ethos. We call this ethos Identity.

A clear Identity that is lived throughout the entire organization provides enormous benefits particularly in areas such as: decision making, culture, people development and direction.

Watering can works will listen to you, learn from you in order to understand your business. Then together we will work to take the insights we have gained and build them into your entire business to develop your unique Identity!

Pips Pubs video case study

OUem video case study

Opportunity to join the team

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